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Personal Printing Projects
and Inkjet Printers

With today's color Inkjet printers there is almost no limit on the ways you can use them to craft amazing personal creations. From photo calendars, to unbelievable greeting cards, to complete family scrapbooks.  All you need is your printer, an inexpensive creative software product, and your imagination, and you can create works of amazing art!

Before starting a project, you must equip yourself with the necessary tools. Obviously the most important tool for digital scrapbooking is your computer. Other essential devices that you will need for the project are, a scanner and a color inkjet printer. Together, these tools will allow you to design your pages easily, creating unique high quality albums.


To get started with scrapbooking, you will want to select the best photos for your album. Discard blurry photos as this will just add clutter to your album. Next, choose a photo that best represents your layout and concept. This will be the photo which will be the main focus of the page or spread. It is a good idea to come up with a theme for each page. You can experiment with different elements until you are happy with your design. You have to determine which colors are dominant so you can use them when working with your color scheme and text. When you are satisfied with your arrangement, hook yourself up to a capable inkjet printer and you’ve got yourself an album of memories!

An All-In-One Printer Makes A Perfect Choice
Since It Includes Superb Color Printing & High-Res Scanning!

People have been putting scrapbooks together for decades to preserve those special moments with family and loved ones. Traditional Scapbooking can be a lot of fun but can also be time-consuming and messy, as it involves a lot of cutting and pasting of pictures and other elements. Traditional Scapbooking requires working with other materials such as glue, and art paper in different shapes and colors. Digital Scapbooking does all of the production right on the computer doing away with most of the messy stuff. Numerous scrapbooking products are available for download from the Internet making it so easy and convenient to create a scrapbook album and even print it out within a day!

Once you have decided on which scrapbook software to use, take the time to get familiar with the software’s features and learn its functions and limitations. Experiment with different fonts and play with different color schemes. Learn how to import clip art and photos, adjust image size and orientation or crop an image. Using all that you have learned, you can start designing your own scrapbook album by using one of the templates provided with the software or by creating one yourself. You can insert photos, manipulate color settings and employ a host of other features found in your scrapbooking software to come up with an album that is uniquely your own.

Using a color inkjet printer will take your scrapbooking creativity to new heights. Color inkjet printers are capable of printing images in vibrant colors. Choose the right ink and paper for your scrapbook to make sure that you get the best results.

Low Cost Scrapbook Digital Paper Cutters Are Also Available
To Produce Unique Custom Appliqués.

Making Greeting Cards

How to personalize your greeting cards
There is a wide variety of programs readily available to help you produce professional-looking greeting cards that you can use for business or to send to family and friends on special occasions. These software applications provide several customization options that allow you to get very creative. Many already come equipped with ready-made templates with a pre-designed layout and a specific theme. You can also designate the page size and setup and have the option to add or remove borders. Most programs also include several color and font scheme suggestions to help you get started and provide tools that allow you to work with images and adjust colors easily. As you include your personal touches to your card, you can be sure to finish and print with confidence in the quality of your card and satisfaction of having created your own design.

If you want to make amazing greeting cards, you will need a durable printer that can handle the work without a problem. Nowadays, your chances of finding a color inkjet printer that can produce high quality greeting cards are better than ever. The most important things to keep in mind are the printer’s speed and its ability to use less ink without compromising quality. One must also pay special attention to the printer’s color and detail as most greeting cards feature photos or artwork that require excellent color reproduction.  Also the paper path is an issue, since greeting cards are typically printed on thicker paper stock.

But for maximum creativity, marry scrapbooking design techniques with your greeting cards to produce truly original cards!  It's fun and easy for the whole family.

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