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How To Print CD/DVD Labels

Be it an invitation on a CD or a simple mix CD you want to give to a friend, youíve probably always wondered how to make professional looking CD labels and jewel case inserts with your inkjet printer. We shall look at some software and hardware that will help you make great looking labels and jewel case inserts.

CD/DVD Label & Cover Design Software

A great tool for creating CD labels is Nero CoverDesigner or Nero 8. Itís included in the Nero Burning Rom Suite of Tools so you can burn your CD and create a CD label and a cover for it all in one go. Nero cover designer will even pull the track list straight from the CD you are burning and put it onto the cover or label you want to create. Nero lets you choose the type of cover you want to print ranging from slim CD cases to DVD cases and offers a variety of templates with themes. Nero also comes with its own tool for burning LightScribe CDs. Weíll describe exactly what LightScribe is later.

Once youíve chosen or created the desired covers and label itís as simple as pressing the print button and cutting out the printouts to fit your CD and jewel case. Nero will even print out crop marks so you wonít waste any time trying to figure out where to cut.

If you donít have many label printing projects coming up though, there are many inexpensive solutions readily available.

LightScribe Technology

LightScribe is an easy way to burn CD and DVD labels without the use of printed labels or printable discs. Similar to the way data is burned onto a disc, LightScribe etches a visible golden image right onto the top of the disc using the optical disc writer. All the user has to do is insert the disc with the label side down and run a program that supports LightScribe. This is especially convenient because there is no messy printing, cutting or adhesive required.

Inkjet Printable CD & DVD Media

Until recently, printers that printed directly onto CDs and DVDs were too costly for consumers printing in low volumes. Today, companies like Canon, Epson and HP offer affordable printers that can print directly onto inkjet printable media. These printers are available in a wide range of prices usually starting at around $150 and they usually specialize in printing other types of media like digital images and cards. Some printers come with loading trays for printing multiple discs automatically. Additionally, youíll have to buy inkjet printable media. These are usually cheaper than Lightscribe discs though, starting at around $15 for a pack of 50 DVDs.

Dymo CD/DVD Labeling Printer

The DiscPainter CD/DVD printer is a unique stand-alone CD/DVD labeling solution.  It is a small printer dedicated to printing on the CD itself.  It features patented technology Ė the disc is printed as it spins Ė with great results! Full color graphics and images are printed with superior quality at high speed. With a small footprint, it doesn't need much space. Simply put your disc inside, close the lid and print. No labels or messy markers. What makes the DiscPainter CD/DVD printer deliver great quality in a few minutes is all in the spin. RadialPrint Technology lays down ink directly on your disc as it spins. Unlike any other disc printing, you get quality and speed with dedicated disc printing and patented technology.

In the end, it all comes down to how many CDs youíll want to label, how fast you want it done and how much you are willing to pay for additional hardware. If you have the cash and have a lot of CDs to label, buying inkjet printable media and a compatible printer will be the best solution since inkjet printable discs are fairly cheap and can be printed on in little time. If you donít plan on doing much labeling, using label printing software and a regular inkjet printer to print out labels might be the most suitable solution since you wonít need to buy any new hardware. Lightscribe is also a good alternative for making very distinctive looking personalized CD and is also the most convenient as all youíll need is a Lightscribe CD and a Lightscribe optical drive.

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